Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cream Scones with Currants

“Oh…WOW!”, was the sentiment expressed after one bite of these Cream Scones from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Kitchen (p. 27).  And I’ll say it again – WOW.  Thank you Dorie for such a perfect recipe!  And also for expanding my horizons, as I had never baked with (let alone tasted) currants before! 

This was the perfect recipe to ease me back into blogging after a summer holiday out of the kitchen: less than 10 minutes of hands on time including measuring ingredients, but a huge reward.  I did take the lazy (or shall I say efficient) way out and used the food processor to make my dough.  It turned out perfect and just needed a quick knead to come together and incorporate the currants, which I added at the last moment.  (The recipe seems to have forgot to mention when to add the currants, but adding them at the end worked perfectly as they definitely shouldn’t have been chopped up by the food processor.)

This Cream Scone recipe is extremely moist in the center due to the heavy cream, but still firm and crumbly on the corners.  The sweet currants are a more delicate and perhaps tarter alternative to a typical large raisin.  The taste almost like a cross between a raisin and cherry – that has been shrunk so no chopping necessary in small pastries. 

To amp up the sweetness factor I took an extra step of brushing the scones with cream and sprinkling on some Demera sugar before baking.  An amazing complement I think. 
Serve with some raspberries preserves and this is a breakfast or tea time made in heaven!

Please visit Tuesdays with Dorie to see how the other baker’s scones turned out – and if you’d like the recipe to make your own batch you can find it on Lynne of Café Lynnylu’s blog.  Click here for the link to the recipe!


  1. Your scones look perfect. I also sprinkled mine with sugar, but only half of them because my husband doesn't like that on his baked goods.

  2. Beautiful scones! I love the currants, too.Thanks for baking with me.

  3. those look oh so tasty! Moist and delicious. Great job.

  4. Scones look just perfect. Currants are traditional in scones so always a good choice.