Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Irish Soda Bread - Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day!  Here’s a beautiful Irish Soda Bread that I was thrilled to have for breakfast this weekend in celebration.  Thanks Tuesdays with Dorie for selecting this excellent (and super easy) bread from Baking with Julia.

I like a touch of sweetness in my breakfast bread – so I added a half teaspoon of cinnamon and a half cup of raisins to the basic Irish Soda Bread recipe.  Topped with delicious Kerrygold Irish Sweet Cream Butter and some fig jam it was a lovely start to my day of festivities.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a huge deal in Chicago.  There are some cultural celebrations – but it seems it's mainly about the drinking.  Or so I realized as I was returning home from a trip to Florida a couple days prior.  The whole planeload of people, including TWO Bachelorette parties, were choosing to leave Miami and Fort Lauderdale for their events – and travel to Chicago.  It was a rowdy crowd.

Chicago also has another tradition for Saint Patrick’s Day – to dye the Chicago River green.  It actually starts with some sort of orange powder being dumped in the river via a boat, and when the powder mixes with the waves in the water: voila, a neon green.  And it was extra green this year.  We have a fantastic view of the events right from our living room.

And the river only gets greener for the next few hours…..

Short post for today – please visit Carla's blog Chocolate Moosey  for the recipe for this Irish Soda Bread.  It’s great, even when it’s not Saint Patrick’s Day.  No waiting for the dough to rise, no stand mixer necessary – just a fork, a bowl, your hands, and less than one minute of kneading.

I’ll strive to make my next posts reflect the tropical food I was so lucky to have these past couple weeks down in Florida and the Caribbean while on vacation.  I’m thinking lots of coconut…..


  1. Lovely bread & thanks for sharing the pictures of the river! Very cool

    1. I almost added cinnamon and then decided not to. I'm going to go for it next time. Your bread looks amazing!